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Each family consists of a certain number of members who may share many similarities and differences among themselves. They may share same viewpoints, while others may think otherwise. All members of the family are essential, yet there are some individuals in the family whose roles can be related to as being very similar to that of a pet. In the story "A Bricklayers Boy" Lubrano's role can be compared to that of a pet. In the story Lubrano has similar distinctions of a family pet.

Lubrano lives with his parents. Lubrano's father pays for his college tuitions and his everyday financial needs just like a pet owner would take care of its pet providing it with all needs. In return Lubrano's father wants him to follow the Blue-collar rules of the family which were to chose a good career and make good money, to keep the family happy. Lubrano though, has a different view about life.

He wants to be a journalist who do not make a lot of money. His father arguably opposes his decisions , similar to how a pet owner would react if his or her pet were going against their will.

Lubrano's situation can very much be related to that of a pet, because pets usually don't have the freedom to do what they want, just like Lubrano didn't have a choice to go up against his father wills. Lubrano's father even though not satisfied about his son's decision at all to any circumstances allows him his choice. Lubrano's father though not sharing the same view points makes a compromise.

Lubrano's father tries his best to explain the values and needs in life. He tries explaining that he deserved a better life, better living style then journalists. He explains that all his hard work and energy he put in his studies, throughout all the years deserved better restaurants and cloths then journalists. This is another distinction between Lubrano and a pet. This situation can be compared to that of a owner wanting his or her pet living the way the owner wants, never to question or oppose there decsion.

Lubrano's choice to follow his own path has destined him to struggle financially, while never getting the satisfaction of his parents. Lubrano's freedom of career and life style if not controlled, but was greatly influenced by his father. Even though not satified with his son's decisions Lubrano's father still had responsibilities as his father which he could not neglect, just like when a pet is granted some freedom, but the owner's attention on the pet will always be present.