This is for a pet molecule for benzene.

Essay by iluvclosets April 2004

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1. What did u like best about the "Pet Molecule Project?"

I liked the fact that I learned a lot about the different functions that my molecule performs; I also enjoyed learning how much energy each bond contains. I think that I most enjoyed learning the fact that many molecules contain my molecule in them, which makes it kind of cool knowing that my molecule is what makes a lot of others possible.

2. What was the most interesting thing you learned about you pet molecule?

I found it really interesting that my molecule is a key part of what fuels this world. Some of what I wrote in number one applies here.

3. What did your pet molecule teach you about chemistry concepts we studied?

It taught me how the molecules align when they are bonded together, especially when we played with the little figures and made out molecule.

I also learned how the different bond energies take place.

4. What is one thing that you would like to know more about your pet molecule?

I would actually like to know more about how when it is used to make gasoline the gasoline is used to fuel our cars and boats and other transportation, how it goes about doing this.

5. If you could do one realistic experiment with your pet molecule, what would it be and why?

I would like to do an experiment with benzene to find out how to make gasoline, that way I would be able to try and help the high gas prices in California. Also I would especially like to know how many moles of benzene it would take to make enough fuel to fly a space ship into space.