Pete Sampras

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Pete Sampras

(Description of the person

who I would like most to see)

Each person has a vision about who he or she would like to meet during his life, for just one time or more. It can be an actor, actress, singer, sportman or even a politician. I have my own vision about who I would love to meet most.

Most people who are engaged in sports, yet not taking an active part in sport has an idol of top sportmen. For me, it is Pete Sampras - one of the most admired american tennis players.

Pete, a native of United states of america with greek heritage and slightly mischievous smile on face makes his fans, not excepting me, to approximate to their ideal.

He had the makings of a succesful tennis player since he was a kid. As a kid, Pete showed signs of outstanding athletic ability.

He is 186 cm tall which means he is neither too tall nor to small and combined with his weight 80 kg you get an ideal figure for a tennis player. He is nigger brown eyed, got short curly hair, he is slightly dark complexioned that´s inherited of his father, a greek immigrant.

Pete plays with right hand and he always let his racket do the talking. Right hand is much more stronger than left hand after long year playing and hitting the ball, this fact cannot escape from observation of a regular human being.

Pete Sampras is 33 years old guy and he is not active tennis player anymore. Inspite this he stays a living legend anyway that keeps inspiring many people up today.

Basically, Pete has managed to claw his way to the top of men's tennis. There has been triumph, there has been pain, even...