Peter Brock, Australias most famous and victorious racing car drivers

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Peter Brock, also known as "Peter Perfect" is arguably the greatest racing car driver Australia has ever produced. The boy from the bush changed the history of Australian motor-sport and at the same time became an icon for safer driving on Australian roads.

Peter was born on the 26th of February 1945, in the small country town of Hurstbridge, Victoria. Hurstbridge is also the town where Peter grew up and started his love for car racing. Peter's father was a mechanic and his mother was a champion tennis player in Victoria. Peter acknowledges them for giving him that "winning edge" because his mother taught him how to be competitive and his father taught him all about machinery (cars). Peter's mother and father allowed him to be a "free" type of person and allowed him to discover life as a young person, although sometimes they did not agree with what he did.

From a young age Peter and his dad would go to the car races, he was heavily influenced and wanted to follow the same path.

The First Car

Peter was not overly wealthy, but he had enough money to get by. He purchased an Austin A30, which was in need of some work and rebuilt a Holden 6-cylinder engine with the guidance of his dad. Peter along with his mates worked on the car in the back shed and made it into the car that would start his career. It looked like the work of amateurs but moved like the work of a professional racing team. Peter raced the car around the south east of Australia with always increasing success.

Big Break

With Peter becoming more successful with every race, he was becoming more noticed by people in high places. One of these people was Harry...