Peter The Great

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To a certain extent in order for a country to move forward, they must be performing adequately to get forward. The country and its people must survive and bear each and every action it endures to carry on without extreme hardships. With a view for advancement in mind, a country will make itself survive.

Technology does not make a country survive. There are plenty of countries that do not use technology at all and still exist today. Technology definitely can help a country to a certain extent depending on how technology is used for advancement.

In terms of advancement during the late seventeenth early eighteenth centuries, the Western European world was advancing at a much faster rate than that of Russia. The tsar of Russia, Peter I, saw this Western world advancing and decided that Russia should adapt some of these "˜great' western ways.

Peter was educated by the foreign peoples of Russia, the Westerners, which helped Peter's choice in western advancement for Russia because of the intellectual western knowledge he gained as a young lad.

From his childhood he had witnessed the struggle which had divided Russian society from the beginning of the seventeenth century. On one side were the advocates of change who turned to the West for help, and on the other side were the political and religious old believers. The beards and clothes of the old believers were symbols adopted expressly to distinguish them from the Western Europeans. In themselves these trivialities of dress were no obstacle to reform, but the sentiments and convictions of their wearers were certainly an obstacle. Peter took the side of the innovators, and hotly opposed these trifling practices, as well as the ancient traditions that the Russians insisted on observing. This education helped Peter I create his Westernized Russian country,