Peter the Great.

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Born into the Russian government, Peter the Great was one of the most important figures in Russian history. Peter had many great accomplishments and is celebrated as one of the best tsars ever to rule Russia. Peter the Great was the first emperor of Russia. With his superior army, he conquered enormous amounts of land and expanded Russia. Peter the Great affected the path of history and without him, Russia would not be as strong a nation as it currently is. Peter created the foundation for new Russia.

Peter was born in Moscow, on June 9, 1672, the child of the second marriage of his father, Alexis I, who ruled Russia from 1645 to 1676. When his first wife, Maria Miloslavsky died in 1669, Alexis married Natalia Naryshkin in 1671. Peter, a strong and health child, was born the very next year. Alexis's other son, Fyodor III, succeeded him as tsar, but died without a heir in 1682.

A struggle for the throne subsequently occurred between the two families, The Miloslavskys and the Naryshkins. The Naryshkins were victorious, as they were supported by the patriarch of the Russian Orthodox Church, the nobles, and the landowners.

Peter was then proclaimed tsar in April of 1682, at the young age of nine. Because he was so young, his mother became regent, while her friends and relatives held leading positions in the state. After about a month the Miloslavsky party, which was led by Alexis's daughter Sofia (Peter's half-sister), rebelled against musketeers who were part of Russia's top military forces. During this rebellion in Moscow, many of the Naryshkin's leading members were murdered, and the Miloslavskys took power from the Naryshkins. The Miloslavskys quickly declared Alexis's son, Ivan (Peter's half-brother), senior tsar, and they allowed Peter to be a junior tsar. Sofia...