Peter the Great This essay is about what changes peter the great made during his reign in russian... other than that if u have any questions ask me

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From 1682 to his death in 1725 Peter I, or Peter the Great, ruled over Russia as Tsar. Peter was different from most Tsars in his beliefs and way of life. He enjoyed the west and many of the things that came from there. He liked all types of technology, and liked to learn about everything around him, from the human body to warfare. He felt that Russian must modernize and westernize. He also thought that it was necessary for them to adopt the culture and technology that Europe used. Some of this technology was used in warfare, which was one of Peter's interests. Yet, historians still wonder, did he deserve the title 'Great'?

Peter was a very physically powerful person; he was about seven feet tall. Yet even if he was 4 feet tall he could still have demanded respect. He was a very smart person, and at the same time he was ill-mannered, and impolite.

He hated everything about Moscow, especially the Kremlin. He hated the ornate and overly beautiful ceremonies and all illogical traditions, of Moscow. He was a true man's man. He enjoyed eating, smoking, drinking, making love, and having a good time.

Peter's army, first known as the Streltsi, was a group of considerably good fighters. Yet they were not good enough. The Streltsi had revolted three times and after the third time, in 1698, Peter had the leaders put to death and the rest banished to Astrakhan. He had to build up a new army and make it better than before. He brought in foreign officers to train the army in modern tactics. Peter asked for all free men to join the army. He also asked that towns and landowners send men for the army. After the men were trained, he replaced the...