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1) Peter quince, the head of the group of actors who will perform at the wedding of the duke and duchess, has done nothing significant up to this point. In fact, only one important thing has taken place concerning quince, and that was the revealing of his distaste for bottom. While distributing parts, bottom tried to seize command and give order s to the men, along with pleading for all of the roles. Quince appeared annoyed at his controlling tende4ncies, and this distaste played a role in how he acted in this scene. Contrary to what one might expect however, instead of arguing, he just gives in to what the characters suggest so as not to be bothered. He does however give stage directions.

2) In this part of the lay, quince is more of a yes man than anything else. The other actors suggest prologues and props and he just says, more or less, ok.

During the practice he tells the actors exactly what mat must happen, showing his superior knowledge of the play.

3) Quince seems to be motivated by a desire to live. The suggestions made that he accepts are ideas so as not to scare the women and get the actors killed. He also wants the play to be perfect, almost likely so the duke will be pleased. He seems to be frustrated with everyone acting, because they are missing lines. This ties in directly with his motivation to perform well. . What he doesn't know is that while they rehearse puck is watching and planning a prank. The prank of puck disrupts the practice of the entire company, when they run away seeing bottom's head as an Asses head. The only thing really happening "˜behind; what he's saying is that he's sending the message, "˜hey I'm better than you at this play so I'm in control' 4) If I were an actor portraying quince I would do the beginning of the scene in the no emotion gore voice from snl. Just agreeing dully with everything. When it got time to give orders, I would become much more controlling and "˜snippy', also making sure to display my believed superiority because of a greater knowledge of the play. Physically all I would have to do would be to run away when I see bottom is an ass. (Hmmm"¦ do I smell a metaphor?)