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I read the fable The Tale of Peter Rabbit by Beatrix Potter. The story was about a rabbit named Peter, who got lost in a garden. Peter Rabbit was not supposed to go in the garden or Mr. McGregor would bake him into a pie. The farmer did that to Peter's Dad. Peter Rabbit is a very bad bunny because he doesn't listen to his Mommy.

There were four kids in his family named Flopsy, Mopsy, Cotton-Tail, and Peter. Peter does not stay with his brothers or sisters. Instead, he goes to the farmer's garden. The farmer tries to trap him because he eats his vegetables. He gets lost and hungry and thirsty. He loses his new coat and shoes. When he gets home, his Mommy is mad and he has to take medicine, instead of eating dinner, because he is sick. Peter learns that he shouldn't go in the garden.

His Mom told him not to and he did. It is always important to listen to your parents. They are almost always right.

The rabbits were strange because they had clothes and they could talk. Animals don't talk. It was also weird that the farmer would bake a bunny into a pie. The story takes place in Mr. McGregor's garden and Peter Rabbit's house. It happens during the day right before the rabbits eat dinner.

Yes, I did learn a lesson from this story. I learned that I should never run away from my Mom or anybody that I know who loves me. I should also listen to people when they tell me not to do something that will hurt me. Next time my Mommy tells me to stay away from bad things, I will definitely listen.