Peter Shaffer's Equus: Concept of Normalcy.

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"The Normal is the indispensable, murderous God of Health, and I am his

Priest."65. Dysart considers himself the chief Priest in a sadistic ritual of dissecting children from their essence. He is troubled by a nightmare in which he is a chief priest in Homeric Greece.'24. In the dream he wears a golden mask and is meticulously carving up and sacrificing hundreds of children in a very important ritual. The mask he wears is symbolic of the metaphorical mask he must wear in 'plastic' society. The part he plays in society as a chief priest in the dream is mirrored in his role as a child psychiatrist in real life. His function in society is fundamental in

maintaining the status quo. He rips the innards from the children in his dream and in existent life he tears the individuality from passionate or abnormal children to mold them into normal 'plastic' citizens.

"With any luck his private parts will come to feel as plastic to him as the products of the factory to which he will almost certainly be sent."108. Society does not accept those things that are apart from the rule therefore one must conform or be expelled. There is no room in this 'plastic' world for passion and worship. Society is corroded by its acquisitive ethics and no longer values passion in worship or the resulting pain. The population views a person such as Alan as abnormal and sees his actions as shocking. Society wants to eradicate any aberrations in their world even if it means forced conformity.

Dysart is divided by his envy of Alan's passion and his indelible purpose of maintaining society's norm. Dysart's job in society is to abate the passion of 'abnormal' behavior. He sees the cost of doing this to be too high in...