Ph Balance in shampoo

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This is a science project... not really an essay- but it may help for an ISRP

Ph Balance in Shampoo

Aim: To find the Ph balance of different shampoos

Hypothesis: The cheaper the shampoo, the higher the Ph level.

Background Information:

Until the 1940s soap was used to wash the hair, but was replaced by shampoo which was Ph balanced and washed out well.

Ph is a measure of the activity of hydrogen ions in a solution. Ph testing tells you the acidity or alkalinity of a solution i.e. Shampoo. The hydrogen ion activity is dictated by the dissociation constant of water and the way it reacts with other ions in the solution.

A neutral solution has a Ph of approximately 7. Levels lower than this are considered to be acidic, and levels higher are considered alkaline. The natural Ph of the skin and hair is approx. 4.5-5.5.

All shampoos contain surfactants which cleanse the hair and scalp from dirt and grease.

An example of a common surfactant is Sodium Laureth Sulfate. Ph adjusters are used in all shampoos and conditioners.

Additionally other additives are used to satisfy secondary needs. Extra body shampoos contain polymers which coat each hair shaft to increase the diameter of each individual hair. Volumising shampoos also use polymers, except they are electronically charged to repel each other to form 'big' hair. Shampoos made specifically for dry hair contain silicon to lubricate the shaft and protect it from damage. Moisturizing treatments use humectants such as glycerin to attract water to re-hydrate the hair. Permed hair needs a very light treatment, because the chemicals used to create the curls leave the hair dryer and if any excess weight is put into the hair, the curls will flop.

Method: 1) Collect a range of different shampoo samples...