Pharaoh Akhenaton (Amenhotep IV). Who was he? was he an eventful or event-making pharaoh? What did he do to Egypt during his rule? What resulted? Where did he focus mainly during his reign.

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AKhenaton, also known as "The Heretic King", was an eventful pharoah and the last ruler of the 18th century. He ruled for sixteen years, from 1350 B.C. to 1334 B.C. He became a pharoah by the help of his mother. He moved the capital from Thebes and built a new one in the middle of Egypt at Tell-el-Amarna and also revolutionized art so it became more realistic. He believed in omni-present spirit. Akhenaton replaced the traditional Egyptian religion "Amarna" by monotheism and he was the only priest. Since he was too occupied with religion he did not pay much attention towards his government. As a result,at the time of his death, the foundations of Egypt were crumbling....that his ancestors worked hard to build and make strong.After Akhenaton's death everything was restored back as it was before changes.

Akhenaton was the son of Amenhotep III and Queen Tiy. He had one brother, Thutmose I and three sisters.

His family completely ignored him but for some strange reason he was immensely important to Queen Tiy. When Amnehotep III died the throne belonged to Thutmose I. But the Queen quickly made Akhenaton, who was 14 yrs old, the teenage pharaoh and made Thumose I priest of Memphis. Akhenaton's wife was his mother Queen Tiy and his second wife was Nefertiti, who is well know for her beauty, was of non-royal blood. She was daughter of vizier Ay.

DuringAkhenaton's rule he made a lot of changes in Egypt . The period of change during Akhenaton's reign in known as "The Amrna revolution" or "The Amrna interlude". He wanted a total seperate religion and he replaced the old Egyptian religion of "Amarna" by a new concept of monotheism , as the sun being the god's symbol. Akhenaton believed...