Pharmsim Simulation Paper. This paper shows, how to implement the marketing strategies in Pharmsim simulation.

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I. Mission Statement

All-star Brands Corporation is one of the leading manufacturers of packaged goods in the world. The Pharmaceutical Division manufactures and markets both ethical and over-the-counter (OTC) medications to help improve human health. The mission of All-star is to provide both the consumer portion of the market, with products that help improve human health and also the internal environment of All-star. We are striving to produce cutting edge remedies for the common cold and allergy symptoms, while maintaining the highest market share, with opportunities and beneficial work with a satisfying yield of return.

II. Marketing Objectives

The objective of the All-star marketing plan in the upcoming 12 months is to:

Invest in adding products such as Alright.

Increase Sales Force from 174 to over 200.

Maintain promotional allowance since Brand Awareness is high--increase if necessary, depending on retention ratio.

Consider reformulating product with available ingredients to better suit consumer needs.

Increase All-Round+ Brand Awareness from 51.0% to 70% within the next two years.

To increase All-Round Brand Awareness back to the top spot.

To increase Brand Trial for All-Round+ from 7.4% to 20% within two years.

Increase the stock price 27.17 to somewhere over fifty in the next two years.

Increase Utilization from 77.7% to 87%.

Increase Gross Margin from $192 to around $250(in millions).



All-Round is the leading product in the cold and allergy market. All-Round has the second highest Brand Awareness, high percentage of Brand Trials, and a high customer retention ratio. All-Round obtained the highest conversion ratio. All-Round promotions have allowed the consumers to become familiar with our product, enabling us to cut back on our advertising expenses.

All-Round+ has one of the highest customer retention ratios. Coughing and chest congestion were the two leading symptoms. All-Round+ has an...