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JoNasY is a Zumba fitness company founded by Ashley ONeal in 2014. She was introduced into the fitness industry as an assistant to a personal trainer for zumba fitness gym in northeast Houston Texas. She developed her skills and acquired all the needed certification to become a certified zumba trainer. As time went by, her members grew and her recognition in the industry expanded exponentially. As a recognized Zumba fitness brand, JoNasY continues to focus on offering the highest value and convenience to its members, employees and partners. JoNasY continues to successfully educate and motivate thousands of members each year to fulfill their personal fitness goals. The Company's approach enables customers to achieve this by providing the best programs, people and places of uncompromising quality and value. In addition to traditional health club offerings, most of JoNasY Zumba Fitness centers include an expansive selection of premium amenities and services in a resort-like setting.

Amenities include indoor and outdoor personal training and group fitness programming, child care centers, cafes and spas.

The Company enjoys multiple competitive strengths, including:

Comprehensive and convenient programs and services

A value proposition that encourages membership loyalty

A committed and experienced senior management team

So, by providing all of the benefits of a full-service gym at an affordable price that continues to be the driving force behind all that we do for our members. With an energetic and positive work environment and competitive compensation, JoNasY is the workplace for today's most talented people. JoNasY is strongly positioned to ride the immense wave of health and fitness trends, which can help bring substantial rewards to partners and investors.

The ultimate goal of JoNasY Zumba Fitness is to help make its members healthier. Some health clubs require that new members undergo a health assessment. You will be weighed and...