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Phase 1 IP


Dr. Kenneth Davis

August 27, 2014

Corrections have evolved since the early years of the United States by becoming a less barbaric. It is gone from being a place where you are just being held until you are sentenced to be for all or beaten, to being held for confinement as punishment for ever crime they had committed. To becoming a free for all the different criminal elements with a revolving door. In today's day and age, you are less likely to be incarcerated for minor offense were more likely to be put on probation for a number of years.

There were a couple of major milestones in corrections throughout the US history and they are as follows:

Colonial period 1600s to 1790s,

Arrival of the penitentiary1790s to 1860s, the Walnut St., Jail was one of the first penitentiaries created in America. There was also one of first prisons in America - had individual sales and also work details.

Prisons in south and west 1800s, it was during this error that America had its first true prison. It was in Sims Barry Connecticut, and was created from an abandoned Coppermine; however it was just the beginning so there was no reformation set in place.

Reformatory movement 1870s to 1890s, during this error, because there were too many inmates in the prison system they created a separate system. The intent was for offenders that were between the ages of 16 and 31 years of age. It was said that he (Palmyra) cannot control the admissions. The program was actually said to keep those individuals from entering into a life of crime and keep them away from the older offenders.

Progressive movement 1890s to 1930s,

Medical model 1930s to 1960s, in this era, it was thought...