Philippines : A Destination for Medical Care (An Argumentative Paper)

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What is medical tourism? Medical tourism is the act of traveling to another country to obtain medical, dental or surgical care and at the same time have a tour on that particular country (Wikipedia, n.d.). Medical tourism has become a growing trend probably because of two reasons: a high cost of healthcare in industrialized nations, as well as the ease and affordability of international travel. Healthcare in industrialized nations offer about more than twice the price in developing countries (n.a. 2006. Philippines Medical Tourism on the Rise: All Headline News. Retrieved Nov 19, 2006 from With the simplicity and affordability of traveling through air, one would rather seek medical care in developing countries. Currently, the Philippines is promoting medical tourism. Experts have been arguing whether or not the Philippines participation in this industry will be beneficial in the long run. In my point of view, medical tourism in the Philippines would be advantageous because it would be a source of dollar exchange and local hospitals would have positive competition.

As mentioned above, the country's focus on medical tourism will open itself to dollar transactions. Since the first year of its lunch, Philippine Press Secretary Ignacio Bunye said that revenues from medical tourism already reached the $200M mark. If the Philippines continues to push through with this program, millions of dollar revenues will continue to enter the Philippine market. This inflow of cash dollar can contribute to the decline of the dollar-peso exchange rate and in turn, the devaluation of facilities to be bought outside. In addition to this, medical tourism gas grown to becaome a million dollar industry (n.a. 2006. Philippines Medical Tourism on the Rise: All Headline News. Retrieved Nov 19, 2006 from Being so, foreign investors would be attracted to invest here in the country. An...