Philosohy Of Life

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In my time on this planet I have come up with many different ideas surrounding what life is. This is something that can be thought about in many different ways. The ideas that I have come to adapt are those of making life a better one. Not trying to understand what and why it is but rather making the very best of my existence as it is a short one and I wouldn't want to miss anything. When we were younger things seemed to be a lot simpler living life as you see it -- daily routines of waking up, brushing your teeth, taking a bath, eating breakfast, going to school, taking a recess, playing games, eating lunch, going home, playing games, going home again, eating supper, brushing your teeth again, watching TV, doing homework and sleeping. I didn't care what was going on as long as I was happy and content.

Every day I make choices, small and large, those affect the future. When I face uncertainties that common sense does not resolve, my personal philosophy provides me with principles that enable me to make better decisions. Since I see the world not as it is but as it is pictured in my mind, my task is to find the mental concepts that most accurately describe how the world does work and how to create well-being.

Too often, rather than building a coherent philosophy for living, people make do with a partially conscious and sometimes contradictory philosophy pieced together since childhood. Often we are clearest about what we do not believe. However, what shapes our identity is what we do believe.

In order to develop my philosophy of life I looked at all the things that I have been taught over the years by my parents, teachers, and...