Philosophical answer for the call of nation building "Nietzche's Ubermench and the will to power."

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The philosophical answer is freedom specially the right to live. Many of the images that has been censored or suppressed by the general public as the government continues to expand, promote executing for crimes and punishment as an instant and clinical and humane act of violence. Execution or other term which is referred to its legacy images of death are used to teach and educate the public the living to suppress images on the grounds where it is very public not only through its acts but also on how they will be able to make other people or criminals punished.

Supporters of the death penalty have argued that executing or killing will help to clean the public so that there will be no more any other criminal that will commit other crimes. This things are totally horrific to justify this execution from small criminals including how the NAZI's use the philosophy of Frederich Nietzche used to execute the Jews and used its piholosphy of the will ti power so that the NAZI's or the Aryan race fill that they are the most high or the superman.

The philosophy of Nietzche was wrongly used by the NAZI's. (Stories of the NAZI's regime)

Nietzche's will to power was his recommendation in the face of a life of lying. Nietzche believed that there is no "pure being"; no gods, no forms, simply no "things". In essence, there is no knowing. One cannot know something, one can only invent it. In doing so, it is lying.

Nietzche considered his "will to power" lying creatively, and lying creatively is O.K., according to Nietzche. Creative lying is noble lying, as long as those lies affirm life--all other lies are nihilistic and bad.

To express will to power, one forces reality to bend to one's own will.