Philosophies of life

Essay by remmus November 2003

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Life can be compared to mayn different things. Everyone has a different outlook on the subject. It can sometimes be very mysterious, confounded,ect..No matter how you may take life, it will become what you make of it. I believe that you must live to learn and learn to live.

Often people take advantage of life. You never know when the time may come and you must leave this world. If this were to happen would everyone know who you were? Would people know you cared. Perhaps you should stop what you are doing and go let that someone know you love them.

Are you still reading or have you lost intrest in this silly little essay. I love living. This place that I live, is truly wonderful. My friends, and family, they all mean so much to me. I can not dream of them not knowing how I feel about them.

My feelings sometimes over ride my actions, and often I let my anger take control.

One day I had left home angry with my mom. I thought that I would never go home again. While I was out wondering about I wasnt paying any attintion, I pulled out infront of a very large truck. I was nearly killed. After that I finally realized that my stupidity nearly killed me and my family would not have known how much I care for them.