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Stoics, Epicureans, Skeptics and Cynics are all philosophies that many great people based their entire mature lives on. These different philosophies do have some arguments that can be taken into consideration to living ones life or even just help look at life at a different prospective.

The stoics, epicureans, skeptics and cynics offered a revolutionary doctrine giving their followers meaning and direction in their lives. There are similarities and at the same time many differences with each doctrine in stoics, epicureans, skeptics and cynics.


Each of the views that the stoics, epicureans, and cynics have their versions of virtue/happiness deriving from their concept of human life. Each Philosophy believed that happiness is attainable but of course within each individual. Basically, whether an individual is cynical or is a piece of a whole, happiness is a vibrant part of all three views.

Every single viewpoint tries to establish a meaning of life.

Many cultures used religion as a way to get answers. For these philosophies, religion was not nearly enough in understanding the importance to their existence. It is life in its simplest form, in all views, that the meaning can establish. It is in the meaning that individuals can find substance and answering and question the "WHY" in life.

The stoics, epicureans, skeptics and cynics like much of society today believed that knowledge was vital. Education is the key for an individual to understanding their role and what they believe. With out education an individual had no premises, no ground to stand on. At a different level our society agrees with this view. Though we need education to make money. Usually the people with more and higher quality of education make more money. Getting back to the stoics and epicureans; in their doctrines, not attaining education is...