Philosophy behind Who moved my cheese

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The warfare between both human being and nature seems infinite.

In our story, Sniff and Scurry are representing the creatures in nature, while Hem and Haw are representing the human beings.

It is clear that the way they anticipate and cope with change, depends on their nature, they have the same need for food but they differ in reaction to satisfy their needs.

Sniff and Scurry go fast to satisfy their needs by living the moment, they depend on their basic natural instincts, once the cheese supply ended they took of to search for a new cheese stations.

The natural basic instinct allows them to adapt to the change immediately without any need for a complicated plan,Here we have Sniff, who sniffs the cheese, in another meaning, to build a self awareness of its fresh condition, if the cheese becomes old, then he is nearer to the beginning of a new journey to search for another fresh cheese.

Also, we have Scurry, who follows and hurries up to reach the new cheese.

Using our instinct is natural, this is something we share with all creatures in nature, however this does not mean that the basic natural instincts should always lead to fruitful ends but we should put in our consideration to follow up, carefully, our natural instinct when facing a new change.

Hem and Haw go in a different way; they think, discuss, plan and take decisions, this is a property for human beings.

Hem, the simplest specimen of the story we can talk about, he sees that he must stay and the cheese will come back, he blocked his mind till he knows who moved his cheese.

Most of us do that, in both work and social life, but unfortunately we blame others for moving our...