The Philosophy of Change

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This essay is to argue and explain that change is everywhere. I believe that change is everywhere because in my life, everything is changing-my age(obviously), my personality, my friends and family... the list goes on and on.

Also, my father is a geo-political writer - he writes about the world's political issues. He is also in the process of writing a book called Provocations, a collection of essays and papers he has written in the past.

So, with my father writing about the world, I get to learn a lot about it from reading his papers ever so often. With these experiences, I have developed thoughts about the world, and from these thoughts I am pretty sure that the world is ever-changing. My father, in addition to being a writer and author, he has a doctorate in philosophy(love of wisdom-Greek "philo" means love, and " sophio" means wisdom). He has an extensive range of knowledge on this subject, and I get to learn a lot from that too.

All of this gives me ideas on change.

Take, for example, Heraclitus, a Greek philosopher. He said that "you cannot step in the same river twice". What he means by that is that a river is ever changing, so by the time you step in the river for the second time, the river has changed. Using the same logic, his disciple, Cratylus, said "you cannot step into any river once.". This is taking logic to the extreme, yet I still do not agree with either of them. The fact that the water that makes up the river is changing does not mean that the river is now a different river. Like, the St. Lawrence river on the border of New York state and Canada. It will always be the St. Lawrence...