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I am sure all of you here have dreams and you know what u want out of your life but yet at the same time, you get to a point where you are just happy to settle for what u have got. Why is that? The culture constantly reinforces it, we get fulfilled at a low level. We really want more, but everyone constantly says" look how great your life is"? "why do you want any more than that"? "What's the matter with you". " Just enjoy your life." People do not realize that we enjoy our lives most when we are really growing and expanding. And so, the culture constantly also is reinforcing us to be quote " reasonable". You know, you are being unreasonable to have these expectations. But, nothing in life significant was ever accomplished by somebody reasonable. It is unreasonable people that shape the world. Take for example, Nelson Mandela being locked up for 27 years, it was pretty unreasonable for him to think, " I'm going to come by and turn my country around."

Another example, Mother Teresa, women in her 50s decides to change the world, help people that are dying, unheard of. Those are the people that change the world