Philosophy of an Education

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To me education is something that you need to be succesful in life. It starts at a a very young age and continues with you throughout the rest of your life. With an education you can recieve very high paying jobs and other benefits. You do not have to have an education, howeverif you do,it makes things a lot easier on yourself not to mention your future. Education can be taught in many different ways and forms. Some areas of education may require a lot of time, thought and patience, such as elementary education. Others may not be as hard, such as High School Education. In either situation there are still special ways that education should be taught. For instance, some students learn better visually. Meaning that they are more likely to understand, comprehend or memorize through things such as hands on activities. On the other hand some children learn better through audio.

This means that some children only have to hear things to understand as opposed to actually seeing them. It is my belief that people, who decide to take a role as an educator,must be very patient and understanding. It takes a lot of time, energy, and patience to deal with children. Not only do educators have to have patience with the children, but with the parents as well. When it comes to education, parents play a big role int the child's life. An educator has to not only understand their material but the children as well. Educators can even be more than teachers. They can be a friend, counselor, or even a mentor at times. Teaching education is a very stressful and difficult job, however it can be very rewarding as well. It's really what you choose to do with it and what you make...