Philosophy of Education

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Personal Philosophy of education

As an educator my responsibility is to teach students the basic training skills needed to be successful in the future. I will be involved in classroom instruction, grading papers, taking attendance, planning lessons and projects that will not only teach, but also engage the students. I will be certain that every child is involved and no child is left behind. I will make my students want to succeed and be a part of their community.

I will modify instructional methods, using a wide range of teaching styles for the academic achievement of all my students, so that they will be able to be better community members. I will seek to help my students become self motivated to explore their academic, cultural, and social needs, in order to better their skills beyond just academics. As an educator I will help students understand, investigate, learn, and determine how the knowledge process influences themselves and others.

I will use teaching methods and materials to reduce student prejudice and work to create a school culture that empowers all to act as one group of humans but still be proud of cultural differences. I will be very organized and practical in my classroom. I will have procedures that I expect students to follow, but I will be flexible to changes as needed to better the students and school as a whole.

I will be involve in community activities and will make sure my students know how much fun they are. I will not give pointless assignments and will teach in a way that every assignment is a fun learning experience. I will not just stand in front of the classroom and lecture I will get involved in the same work as the students.

As an educator I will be involved in...