Philosophy of Education

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The following is my thoughts on what it means to teach and what the purpose of a well structured class should and what it should involve. Although, this is my reasoning along with my beliefs, it all depends on what classes and subjects you are teaching and what part of the world your students are from. In order to be the best teacher you can be, you should try to involve many different teaching philosophies and styles so that your students can get a well rounded education. I think it is important for teachers to have an understanding of the education system and the history of the education system from areas all over the globe in order to have full knowledge of what different methods can be used to successfully teach all of their diverse classroom population.

It was the Athenians who believed that a well-rounded, complete, and competent individual needed to be trained not only mentally, but physically as well.

The Atheniansenjoyed great successes in their civilization until they stopped emphasizing physical education. It is thisuniversal truth of how to create healthy, well-rounded students and therefore maintain a successful societythat shapes my educational philosophy. My personal philosophy of education is to engage my students insafe, physical and educational activities, such as team sports and individual physical fitness tasks that willimprove the students' physical, teamwork, communication, and sportsmanship skills. By engaging inthese activities I expect to develop healthy, well-rounded students who not only respect others and because of this are able to function socially in society. It is also through engaging in and helping students gain success in these physical activities that I hope to create and nurture a work ethic and self-confidence in my students that will ultimately lead to their economic independence and success in society. Most importantly,