Philosophy of Education

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Philosophy of Education





Philosophy of Education

The video used for this exercise was able to demonstrate effective application of the listed practices in a number of ways. One of these involved the teacher using concepts learnt in a previous lesson to give the students an idea of the current lesson. This practice is supposed to familiarize the students with the new subject they are about to study. In this case, the teacher intended to teach the concept saving energy by using work methods that are more convenient. From what I was able to understand, the previous lesson involved learning how a well works, its different parts, and how it is designed to simplify work.

The teacher involved the class in a brief recap of what they had learned to familiarize them with the current lesson. Ultimately, this method demonstrates effective application of listed practices.

Another method the teacher applied to demonstrate effective application of the listed practices involved actively involving the children in answering the relevant questions. Another listed practice involves stimulating the critical thinking process of the students (Fraser, 2006). Involving them actively in the lesson was a means of stimulating their thinking process.

Ultimately, the dialogue between the two educators instilled in me a number of insights I would otherwise have not gained from making personal observations. One of these insights maintains that children are impulsive meaning that they can raise their hands to answer questions without thinking properly. Hence, according to the educators, it important to give some students adequate time to think before stating they answer. Another insight I was able to gain from the dialogue holds that monitoring and assessing the students while the learning process is in progress. This is a...