Philosophy Of The Matrix

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The Matrix is a film that shows a great deal of emphasis on the philosophical aspects of life. This film was showed a different view on life. Larry and Andy Wachowski, the directors and writers, wanted their ideas of where life was from and where it was going. They created The Matrix to express their ideas to the world. I believe that they may be correct in their interpretation of the world, as we know it.

A person created this whole idea of an artificially intelligent computer. This person was known as The Creator. No one really knows who the creator was, but they have heard stories. This man made the matrix to help society advance to higher than was ever thought possible. His artificially intelligent computer had, like any artificially intelligent computer, the ability to learn. The problem with this computer was it learned too much and began to take over human existence.

The humans realized that the computer needed the sun for energy, tried to stop the computer by sending their world into an apocalypse. This blocked the sun and killed basically everything on Earth. This plan, however, did not kill the computer. The computer began connecting the humans to a central power frame, which it used to produce its own energy. The creator knew how to break free from the computer, but died before he was able to undo what he did.

The Wachowskis introduced us to Thomas A. / Neo Anderson, played by Keanu Reeves, in the beginning of the film. They made it a point to have their viewers know that Keanu had both an everyday life name of Thomas, and a hacker name of Neo. This duel personality that is given to Keanu is foreshadowing his move out of the matrix and into...