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February 7, 2013

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Mr. King's 1963 "I Have a Dream" speech and his 1964 Nobel Peace Prize Acceptance speech have made me believe that Mr. King's personal philosophy to be of the following: for the people to have equal judgment based not on the color of their skin, but centered around one's character. Dr. King supports his philosophy by promoting the possible, unresolvable hope that he dreams to achieve in the future of our nation. By calling all possible activists from any background, be it white or black men, Dr. King supports the idea of achieving successful victory through peaceful protests, instead of using violence as a last resort. He also believes that the injustices today by the self-centered shall submit to the honorable justice of the self-sacrificing. To sum it all up, Dr. King supports the idea of supporting equality and peace within the society of our nation with the contents of Hope, Peaceful Protests, and Justice.

The key idea of hope, in Dr. King's eyes, is the outlook of how humanity will really free the Negro race from their 'imprisonment'. Despite the decades of years that have past by in their lives, yet segregation and discrimination had still affected the daily lives of the people. The note of the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence suggested that everyone, despite the color of their skin, would receive freedom, civil rights, and happiness. However, these words were clearly short lived, when the people of America failed on the nation's promissory note, when the citizen's skin color is of concern. Dr. King hoped that the time for the segregation era is over, and that it is time for the people to act now. As Dr. King says, "Now is the...