Phishing Attacks

Essay by addanki April 2014

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The internet technology and its feasibility have increased rapidly and many individuals are regularly using internet for making online transactions in the form of shopping, bill payments and trading etc. The huge customer demand with the hassle free services offered in online sites allowed many customers to opt and use online process for different daily needs. At this particular situation, the hackers has made an advanced step and created phishing attacks over online sites like e-commerce sites, shopping sites, online banking sites, online company sites and online trading sites.

Phishing attacks are the type of security attacks where the personal information of the user will be hacked over online and for making financial transactions without authorizations. The financial credentials of the users will be hacked and will be reused to make different payment transactions without user interference. In this study, researcher will specify the clear information about the phishing process carried out in online sites.

Alternately, researcher will describe different types of phishing attacks seen online along with their impact shown on the community. As the final step of the study, researcher will conclude the final summary and will suggest some new recommendations.

Overview of Phishing Attacks:

According to the opinions stated by Leung (2008) the activity of making people to online fraud with their critical information and utilizing the information for illegal aim has not been latest. The type of fraud had started since the inception of internet. The hugely expansion of internet leads to criminal to utilize the communication devices to identify belief of user to get the details. The phenomena phishing possessed root since mid 1990 and it has been utilized to acquire of user information using internet service provider account. As now the phenomena has changed and it varies in online attacks and hacks the...