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William Boyd

Creative Spark Talk Analysis


Instructor: Robert Dubose

William Boyd

Creative Spark Talk Analysis


Robert Dubose

Creative Spark

Creativity is a subject that is very disputable amongst psychologists. Psychologists have argued on a

definition for the word creativity for many years now. Regardless of what most psychologists chose to

think now, most believe that it is a creative act no matter big or small that is unusual and most likely

become very useful to society.

The video I watched was by John Bohannon and dancers from the Black Label Movement. The name of

the video is tilted "Dance vs. PowerPoint", a modest proposal and was filmed at TEDxBrussels, which

was also posted in November 2011. John explains in this video how one of his friends tried to tell him

about a science experiment and just simply couldn't. His friend finally explains what the experiment was

about to John, and then he tells his friend that "Maybe next time if you had dancers to try to better

explain it will be much easier.

He then tells his friend that numerous scientists have started using

dancers to describe many different scientific things simply because it is more sufficient. Dancing PHD is

the group of scientists that have started using dancers to explain various things. He starts to explains

why it would be more productive to use dancers and instead of PowerPoint presentations. John then

gives an explanation on how it is a waste of cash, eventually getting rid of PowerPoint and replacing

them with dancers. John even expresses that by using this method even the government could better

explain things, therefore making it more understandable to our fellow Americans. Such as things like

why are we invading other countries?

The talk that Mr. John Bohannon describes does prove...