PHL251 - Applying Reasing to Problem Solving

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Applying Reasoning to Problem Solving

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PHL251/Critical Thinking

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May 22, 2005

Applying Reasoning to Problem Solving

What was the situation?

Although there have been many situations where I have applied sound rational reasoning in order to problem solve, there are times where the outcome was successful and there have been other times that the outcome was a complete failure. The successes allowed me to grow, change, and take a further step in becoming a more mature individual. The failures resulted in taking my will back and not to do what was best for my health. The most recent example was over this past weekend when I attempted to stop smoking cigarettes.

I have been a pack a day cigarette smoker for about 16 years. Until recently, smoking has not caused any unmanageability in my life. Cigarette smoking is becoming less and less socially acceptable as the years progress.

It was getting to the point that every single one of my activities would revolve around smoking. I would not go to certain places, such as movies and rock concerts because smoking was not permitted. I would wake up every morning and the first thing I would do would be light up a cigarette. My cough is getting very annoying and can hurt at times.

About five days before I made the decision to quit, I purchased the nicotine patch and read the literature in the box that accompanied the patch. I felt at the time I was ready to do this. I set the time and date that I would have my very last cigarette. After I took the last drag of that cigarette, I said a little prayer and put on the patch.

What was the outcome? Was it successful?

After 37 hours of self-inflicted torture and...