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Current Ethical Issue in BusinessEthics Article AnalysisUniversity of PhoenixPHL/323This article is titled "Dark secrets and ugly truths: When ethics and IT collide." The article is about an IT professional named Bryan. While reviewing his companies inter-net log, Bryan found evidence that one of his superiors had been viewing child pornography. Bryan is still haunted by the fact that he failed to alert the authorities of the issue. The article discusses what might have happened if he would have reported the incident to the authorities, and also goes over the pros and cons of reporting the issue. This paper is not going to focus on the moral and ethical parameters regarding child pornography beyond affirming that it is illegal and clearly improper. The paper focuses on the Bryan's method for reporting illegal activities and also the ethical theories Bryan could have used to determine how to handle the ethical dilemma.

There are several options that Bryan has to solve his problem; one option is to do nothing, in which case the business, and the offending superior, can keep their reputations.

Another option would be to contact the police, or F.B.I. and let them know what he has found. This would cause problems between Bryan and his superior as the police will most likely want to talk to him and ask him about the content of his computer. Bryan might try talking to someone else either in the company or maybe someone outside the company about his dilemma. The down side to this is that if Bryan talks to someone outside the company he would be breaking the company confidentially agreement and if the public finds out then the company may lose future customers because of it. The last option is to discuss what Bryan has found with the superior himself, in...