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A phobia is an overpowering fear that involves an extreme and irrational dread of a certain object, activity, or stimulation. When faced with the object that he or she dreads, a phobic person cannot be convinced that everything is all right. The person cannot talk themsefl out of being afraid. Many people have various diseases but there are a variety of treatments.

Specific phobias are the most common, they involve things such as school, dentists, driving, water, balloons, snakes, fat, age, high places, and enclosed places. The fear is usually not of the object itself but of some dire outcome, such as falling from an airplane.

Simple phobias are those in which fear is stimulated by a single situation, activity, or object. Becuase it is possible to identify in each of these cases the specific phobias are also referred to as specific phobias.

Millions of Americans suffer from various anxiety disorders or panic attacks including phobias, such as fear of heights, elevators, speaking in public or eating in restaurants.

most anxiety disorders and phobias can be successfully treated, but many who suffer are reluctant to seek help.

Although phobias do not involve loss of contact with reality, they may severely limit a person's life. Phobic individuals may spend much time worrying about their fears and may be too frightened to carry out normal activities.

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