phobia of clowns

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As a child I was always terrified of clowns. Something about them always brought me to tears at family parties and even in scary movies. I have always found them unsettling and not at all cute or cuddly. They freak me out. I mean, what is endearing about someone that wears a painted smile?

I am absolutely petrified of clowns. When I was about eight years old, I had three huge stuffed clowns that my aunt used to give me from winning them in the claw machines. I would always lock them in my closet at night because it always seemed like they were staring at me when I would sleep. They drove me insane! I was not always scared of clowns. It all started when my brothers let me watch Steven King's wonderful movie, "It".

I remember it like it was yesterday. My older brothers had some of the wrestling team over for the night and they were all going to watch a scary movie.

Being the only girl in the house, I felt left out so I asked my brothers if I could join them. This was probably the worst mistake of my life! I sat through the movie shaking in fright. Then a few days later it was Halloween and once again, the team was over. I will never forget it. They all dressed up like the clowns from the movie and took me to go trick-or-treating.

It was fine at first, until they decided to hide and scare people like it was their job. The look on peoples faces when they saw the group of clowns started to freak me out. Not to mention it was dark and really windy outside which made me even more frightened. That exact night, my...