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Phobias can be defines as a behavior disorder in which a person experiences persistent, intense, irrational, fear of a specific situation, object, or circumstances. A phobia is a fear which is overwhelming and causes a person to experience great apprehension of the specific object or situation. (Wikipedia).Phobias are extremely common and sometimes start in childhood for no apparent reason or after a traumatic experience.


Motorphobia is the fear of automobiles. A person suffering from motorphobia, I'd say, would have a tough time especially in today's world where vehicles are over abundant. If I suffered from motorphobia, I would be never be able to cross a street or enter a parking lot. I would have such a hard time getting around, and most probably would not be to travel the world. I would be confined to one place since I would be petrified to go anywhere because cars are everywhere today.

Perhaps it would have been the ideal time a hundred years ago for a person with motorphobia to live due to absence of motor vehicles, but defiantly not today.


Arachnophobia is the fear of spiders. Since spiders are not abundant as motor vehicles, I feel a person suffering from arachnophobia will have a easier time coping than a person suffering from motorphobia because spiders are less abundant and can easily be avoided whereas vehicles cannot be avoided. However, when it comes to overcoming the phobia, the person may have a harder time as an individual can over time get used to cars as it is everywhere whereas a person scared of spiders may have a hard time overcoming the phobia because sometimes spider can be very rare and the of one can set off instant panic. If I suffered from arachnophobia, I would be petrified...