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Do you ever get the feeling that someone other that the person you are talking to on phone is listing? Sometimes there is. Today I am going to tell you about phone taps. I am going to tell you what they are, how to make one, what kinds there are, and how to find one.

First of all, a phone tap is a device that either records or broadcasts your telephone conversation with two parties. A bug works by sending or recording the sound waves sent through the phone cord made by sounds that have be sent through the phones own microphone. But why would someone want to tap your phone? Someone might want to tap you phone to find out personal information, or some large companies tap competing companies phones to find out what their next big product is. After all, it isn't that hard to tap someone's phone.

All you need to do is get yourself a phone tap and install it in a place where your victim won't find it. Since no one hardly ever opens their phone, that is a very common place to put it.

To make a phone tap you need a Resistor 47 Transistor MPSA56, Resistor 68 PC Board, Resistor 270 Solder, A Trimmer cap 5-40F Gray wire, Capacitor47pF Black wire, Capacitor 100pF Red wire, Capacitor 470pF Green wire, and Transistor 2N3904 Enamel wire. Then you mount the resistors to the PC board, and solder it to the board. Then mount the following capacitors on the PC board and solder it on. After that, mount the trimmer cap to the PC Board and solder it. Then solder the transistor to the board. Then strip 1/4 of the colored wires and insert them into the holes and solder it. And last scrap off...