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Margaret Bourke-White She blazed a path for future women photographers. She developed her own style of never before seen architectural photographs. She went to school for a completely different field but found her way into what led her to be one of the most successful photographers of her time. She traveled the world, opened her own agencies, and photographed for hundreds of publications. Margaret Bourke-White was no ordinary woman and no ordinary photographer. Take a look into her life as a young child with diving parents and the devastating death of her father. Her ambition fell for only a few moments just to shoot back up and propel her life into the grand view of the entire world. Her photos touched, turned on and left that lasting impact on so many peoples minds. Take a look at Margaret Bourke-White.

She grew up pretty well off in a middle class neighborhood in New Jersey.

With loving but strict parents they allowed no comics, slang, gum or card games. Margaret grew up very civil and proper. Her father, an inventor and engineer, was always working on something. It seemed like he was busy all the time. Although not religious, they did stick to their strong rational beliefs, and both parents seemed to have the slightest bit of anti-Semitic drive in them. Coming from a Jewish background was hard for her father Joseph and he kept it from the kids until they were a lot older. Margaret, even in her older years kept her Jewish heritage a secret to most.

The strength from her parents can be seen through her fathers motto " You can" and their driving ambitious careers. Both parents loved to bike and met through long bike rides together. They passed this love on to their children whom also stayed...