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I. What I knew There is much more to being a photographer than I had ever imagined. I thought of an easy job of taking pictures, developing and selling them. Boy, was I wrong. I knew that there were different types of photography but I did not know there were as many types as there really are. I also did not know anything about the salary of a photographer. I was not aware of the hours a photographer must put in to make a successful business, although I did know that they would vary depending on what kind of photography I was planning to go into.

I knew there were different types of pictures that could be taken like; outdoor- pictures, indoor pictures, colored pictures, black and white pictures etc. I also knew that some photo labs in this area would send some types of pictures to other more advanced labs to be developed.

II. Why I am writing this paper Ever since my 5th birthday, when I got my first camera, I loved to take pictures. Of course, then I was not really sure of how to center the objects or keep my fingers out of the lens when taking a picture, but sometimes I got lucky. Through the years, I have definitely improved my picture taking, but I definitely have room for even more improvement. Even though I love to take pictures, there were still questions in my mind whether I wanted to be a full time photographer or just an amateur.

III. The Search I started my search in the Chickasha High School library, where I received information from one book and two websites. I did not find enough information so I had to extend my search to the University of Science and Arts of Oklahoma Library,