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Photography will be seen as a medium of communication through which personal aesthetics and individual style are expressed.

The interesting (sometimes dangerous) fact about photography is that it seems so real; it looks as though it is a completely accurate, objective presentation of the world. I have a suspicion that most people don't think through all this when they see a photograph; they don't ask what "spin" the photographer was trying to put on his subject as they might ask about a prose article or a painting. This makes photography a powerful medium for communication and persuasion, both of true propositions and untrue ones. It's worth thinking about the next time you're reading the morning paper.

The basic skills involved in all photography are the same: All needing to understand a cameras operation, lighting, composition, darkroom, enlarger, chemicals, and the special properties of films and papers. PHOTOGRAPHERS use combinations of cameras, films, lenses, filters, and lighting to create and to produce the final image or picture.

Photographers may specialize in portrait, commercial, news, industrial, artistic, medical, or scientific photography, or they may generalize in a combination of two or more types of photography.

Commercial Photographers may take pictures of merchandise, architecture, and scenery for advertising and sales purposes. News Photographers generally work at the sites of news events. They take pictures that enhance stories used by news media.

Scientific Photographers use specialized equipment such as electron Microscopes for producing photographs of microscopic items and often assist in the preparation of specimens that are to be photographed. Many Photographers are skilled in the use of 35- or 16-millimeter movie cameras or video camcorders.

Originally, photographs were not intended as 'Art', they were documents, records, momentous, press images, family pictures etc. Still today, a large number of photographs are used for these...