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In Business Week and Pravda 10 Feb 1969, fell under the headline, "Out the Back Window, Mr. Jones." This was the story of how the Dow Chemical came to be involved in making napalm for the US government during the Vietnam War.

The flaming rat is an image from Harun Farocki's 1969 film, "Inextinguishable Fire" -about the production of Napalm B by the Dow Chemical Company for the War in Vietnam. America realised their involvement in the production of agent orange and their abuses of human rights.

Agent Orange, a chemical defoliant which contains dioxin, was manufactured by Dow in New Plymouth New Zealand and America. For use by the U.S. military during the Vietnam War. In 2005, a lawsuit was filed by Vietnamese victims of Agent Orange against Dow and Monsanto Company, which also supplied Agent Orange to the military. The lawsuit was dismissed.

2) In a plant in Indonesia, 402 employees (more than half the work force of 750) were found to be suffering from kidney diseases attributable to mercury poisoning.

(Much like Bhopal.) The company's doctor Dr. Maizar Syafei reported that she was asked by the company not to tell the workers that there was mercury in their drinking water or else the workers "would become anxious."


the photo depicts a uniformed South Vietnamese officer shooting a prisoner in the head. there is much more to this photograph. Eddie Adams later admitted that it didn't tell the whole story and he stated that he wished he hadn't taken it at all.

It appears as though an officer is gunning down an innocent prisoner, perhaps even a civilian. You are apparently witnessing a savage war crime

This man who is being exucuted was Nguyen Van Lem, but he was also known as Captain Bay Lop.