Phsycologial theories.

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Criminological Theory

The participants in the article from the new York Times, "Prison is a Member of Their Family", written by Adrian Nicole Lebane, go through many constant changes as the years pass. This article shows how being arrested and imprisoned can really alter and affect so many peoples lives. Not only the person incarcerated, but their families, close friends, and relatives as well.

In this article Toney, who was just a young kid growing up in the inner city of New York, was on the path to becoming a criminal. Toney came from a broken home living with only his mother at the age of 2 because his father left and was always in and out of jail. Toney would always be hanging out with his friends, and had very little supervision. Him and his homeboys called themselves, Four Man Posse, or F.M.P.

This is around the same time Toney met a young girl he was attracted to. Lolli. Lolli was also 14 years old and lived at home with her mother. When she first saw Toney hanging with his boys on the street corner she told her friends, "That guy looks good." At first Toney was

only interested in having sex with Lolli. Eventually though Toney found himself liking her more and more, and like no other girl he has ever been with. After becoming rather preoccupied with her Toney spent less of his spare time robbing and mugging people. In 1989, at the age of 15, Lolli had become pregnant. Both of their mothers agreed to help out with the baby. At around this same time Toney got arrested, for taking the blame for a shootout his crew was involved in. He was sentenced to two-to-six years for attempted...