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Professor Tom Snook

Gen 300

January 23, 2003

Counseling and Therapy

The human need for counseling was born as a result of unwanted behavior displayed by certain members of society. The realization that anxiety often sets in when discomfort or fear appear to take over most of one's thought process incurrs a true need for therapy.

A counselor utilizes a number of methods aimed at identifying and correcting distorted thinking patterns that may be troublesome, self-defeating, or even self-destructive. The goal is to replace such thoughts with a more balanced view that may lead to more fulfilling and productive behavior.

A combination of behavioral therapies help people change such negative thought patterns, beliefs, and behaviors so they can manage symptoms and enjoy more productive, less stressful lives.

Among the most popular tools for targeted happy endings are medication, acupuncture or massage. However, still the most common of all is discussion among the afflicted souls and those designated by title or profession to convince the somewhat mentally challenged to change their views.

It would be much like a car salesman would simply point out the difference between putting money into an older vehicle to keep it on the road versus making a simple monetary payment on a newer model. This assures one driving from point A that he will arrive at point B with little or no difficulty.

Often, the largest hurdle to overcome is when the idividual contends he is the authority of his or her life and human nature allows us to question those claiming to be experts should they elect to disagree. This atmosphere is extremely adherrent in family law matters when a mediator must decide which parent is best suitable to rear their now, unstable offspring. An investigator may be asked to provide...