Are physical education courses in high school are meeting our health related goals and guidelines?

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Fairclough and Stratton developed a research article whose purpose was to evaluate and asses the physical activity levels in adolescence during high school physical education. The data was to help asses whether our physical education courses in high school are meeting our health related goals and guidelines.

The Health Development Agency (HDA) has recommended at least 1 hour of physical activity per day. A second recommendation set forth by the agency is to increase musculo-skeletal health on at least two occasions per week. In addition, the agency stated that the objections of school physical education are to increase schools with P.E. as a course, increase student enrollment, and to increase student participation. On the other hand, physical education teacher's goals are to teach adolescence to be active outside of school and to increase participation by all students in class. A majority of adolescence would take part more in physical education but the fact is, that the U.S.

only supports team sports and not lifelong physical activity which is what is needed to teach the youth to be more active as they get older. It is the lack of policy, expertise and curriculum set forth by these physical education teachers that has decreased youth's involvement in physical education.

While performing this study, it was found that boys engage more then girls and that activity levels begin to decrease as weight and size increases. One hundred and twenty-two students participated in the study (62 boys and 60 girls). Fairclough and Stratton studied the participants by strapping heart rate monitors on them. This type of system measures the psychological load on the participants' cardiorespirotory system. It allowed the researchers to analyze frequency, duration and intensity of the activity. These participators were studied for a 12 week period. During this 12 week period, students...