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Starting Point

The personal training is made for students to actively show their skills and working with a certain sport as an individual. Each student was to choose a sport that he/she is interested in and focus on a skill within the range of skill work in the sport. A sport does not simply consist of practicing certain moves, but also focusing on fitness, healthy eating patterns, etc.

We were to plan a five week training program and focus on areas to work on to improve on a chosen skill. In the beginning we were to asses our fitness level and then again at the end to look for improvements. Each PE lesson first focused on the fitness part of the program, and the second half of the period was prepared for skill practice. Training outside of school is also expected.

Skills and fitness

The skill I chose to focus on was volleyball.

It is a sport that I happen to like very much and I know that it will be the sport I plan to do in the IB, therefore I wanted to most practice I could get. The skill within volleyball that I chose was overhand serving. My underhand serves are quite safe, however overhand serves provide an advantage because they can be served very low and with much power. For the fitness part, I planned on working on overall body strength; however focus most on upper body strength.

Goal setting

The goal of my personal training program was to first of all learn how to properly do an overhand serve. Before this I had had very little practice and I could definitely tell that it was a weak point I had in volleyball. I know, even from the beginning, that I wasn't prepared to set a goal...