Physical fitness log plan and how it effected and shaped me.

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Final Gym Paper

During the third quarter of school, I developed a plan of physical fitness activities in three areas. To develop cardiovascular strength, biking the stationary bike was chosen because of availability and convenience in my home. Curl-ups is the second fitness activity chosen because toning my abdominal muscles is a priority for physical strength. The third area of fitness was directed to enhance my flexibility. Flexibility is important to me because ease and comfort of movement help avoid sore achy muscles. These activities were implemented for the project because of my poor fitness test results at the beginning of the quarter.

I faithfully exercised each day in the evening after I finished doing homework. It became an activity I enjoyed. I looked forward to this activity because it lifted a huge load of stress off of my shoulders. After the workout when I relaxed I felt a total sense of well-being with muscular and mental tension relieved.

Biking gave me improved muscle tone in my legs. It became a very fun and enjoyable activity because I could listen to fast upbeat music. I was motivated to bike a longer length of time each day. Beginning with ten minutes I biked up to thirty minutes. I was excited to watch the number of miles increase daily. When I tracked how many calories I burned, I felt proud and accomplished. It made me want to work out even more on the bike. Biking gave me an overall sense of energy.

Doing the curl-ups was a satisfying fitness activity knowing the end result would be to have stronger abdominal muscles. My time and number of repetitions improved. I started with two sets of ten reps in two minutes. At the end of seven weeks I was able to do...