Physical Journey.

Essay by indn_boi October 2005

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Here I am waiting on platform one at Central Station, with the continued voice of the station announcer mingled with the laughter of small children nearby, the roar of traffic outside and the aromas of the various fast food outlets in the cathedral like departure hall. I see a young mother trying to control her two young children as they venture too close to the rail track, an elderly man is sitting on the bench, intently reading the newspaper while sipping his hot beverage. Other couples are engaging in passionate embraces. And a young girl looking very nervous is left alone.

This is one of the hardest things I have had to do in my life. It is a new beginning, and yet I feel it is an end. I have to travel to Melbourne for university, leaving behind my family and friends. The one person I will miss the most is my boyfriend Daniel.

He gives me a red rose, as a symbol of our love and tells me that even with the distance between us we will continue to keep in touch and our desires alive. Daniel was sullen beside me; I was numb with feelings of love. I am feeling vulnerable, anxious, upset and scared. I feel as if my happiness is ending.

The image I have is one of complete devastation, as if I am being put in front of a firing squad. With a whoosh or air the train arrives. Daniel holds me, fervently in his warm embrace. I feel warm even though the sky is poring down with rain. And the cool breeze is billowing around us. He gently strokes the tears from my face and gives me a soft kiss. It feels like our last kiss, I will remember this for a long...