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Each person is born different with a birthmark either on the face or cover inside the clothes. There are several aspects as to why a person needs to transform into a new person. First, a person is born physically handicapped. Second, a person is being through a compulsory process of an accident. Third, a person is being told by someone to do a surgery.

Physically handicapped

A person is born physically handicapped has low self esteemed because that person faces with more challenges than a regular person. This is not a reason parents need to confront with an abortion. Parents rather need to believe and trust in the day care facility and trust in the teachers whom provide the alternative methods in teaching the physically handicapped student. A reward would be a lot greater for a person who bears the most difficult times carry from the current life. Physically handicapped is a huge disadvantage to a person carries it, but it is a test sends from a higher power.

Some physically signs may go away when the person reaches the certain time. A good example is that a mole automatically dies at the age of forty-five. There are parents with perfectly normal looking person but give a birth to a non-physically pretty person without a reason. As to these reasons, one can conclude that there is actually a higher power exist watching everyone. Surgery doctors implant functionally body replacements to some physically handicapped people and most of the times those accommodations actually functionally well. People helped people because the world and the economy go around as a circle. Technology improves over time, but the physically person is hard to determine because people are becoming more advance. They spent longer time in school at the same time spend the time at...