"The Physicists"

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1.Myself as an audience member

a.Was I prepared?

I think that I was really prepared for this play because I read it before I watched it and studied it to a good extent in both my Theatre class as well as my English class. I learned some information on the playwright and the reason why he wrote this play. I also had a good understanding about the characters, the plot and the various themes of the play. I also made the programme so I knew what was going to be in it. The advertising was well done because I saw information on "The Physicists" posted on the internet and around the university campus.

b.Was I willing?

I was very willing to watch and enjoy this play because I had been reading about it since the beginning of the second term and our class had been talking about it since December.

I even wrote staging notes for the ending of scene one in my English class, so I was very excited to see how the play was all put together. Nothing annoyed me or distracted me throughout the play, and it was an enjoyable production.

c.Describe in one or two sentences your response to the performance.

Overall, I loved this play so much because I was so actively involved in learning about it and in completing the technical assignment. I really enjoyed watching the actors that were in my Theatre class (like Ashley and Virginia) and looking at the set and props and how the plastic rooms absorbed the lighting. The performance itself was exceptional, especially Mobius' character which I believe was really original and well done.

II.The performance and the audience

a.What was the physical relationship between the performance and the audience?

The theatre was...