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1.1 Top twelve reasons why you should study physics 12: UIU requires you to do it ¡V American system ¡V scientific education for business professionals or vice versa! ¡V look better in your resume.

11: Enhance your romance -- understand why the Titanic sank, not the ice ¡V Fluid mechanics, lecture 7 10: Better chance of survival in car collisions: momentum conservation, lecture 6 9: Better chance of survival in robbery: Newton¡¦s law and rotational equilibrium, lecture 3 and 7 8: Better investment in stock, besides FM 104 ¡V Physics and finance, lecture 8 7: Cook better in kitchen ¡V eggs -- Fluid mechanics, lecture 7 6: Being on time in job -- Chase after buses/ KCR/MTR more effectively ¡V velocity and Acceleration, lecture 2 5: Learn to be tolerant, not fighting back ¡V Newton¡¦s third law, lecture 3 4: Better understanding of what Richard Li is talking about ¡V Physics and modern technology, lecture 8 3: Play better in office politics ¡V Higher position/grade, higher power ¡V Potential energy, lecture 4 2: Confirm your decision to stick with business and management ¡V after you finish all exams in physics.

1: Better chance to win in a Lawsuit ¡V keep asking the lawyers ¡§why are your points valid¡¨ and ¡§what do you mean?¡¨ Dropping an apple from the top of a tree to the ground¡K The graduate with a Physics degree asks, "Why does it drop? Why doesn¡¦t it go upward? What does that mean?" The graduate with an Accounting degree asks, "How much will it cost to the farmers?" The graduate with a Finance degree asks, "Where did the money come from to plant the apple tree?" The graduate with a degree in Marketing asks, "Who will buy a dropped apple?" The graduate with a Social Work degree asks,